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Drones are accessible and relatively inexpensive, yet before implementing drone solutions, there are important things to consider. The measures involved in turning your farm into an AgriAcres Company enhanced by drones include the following 5 aspects:

1. Identification of objectives

The use of agricultural drones is varied: field monitoring and crop monitoring, seed planting, cattle monitoring, etc. What do you want to do with them? Determine the key agricultural process you think drones will be the most useful.

2. Decide on drone equipment

It is necessary to decide which hardware your drone will be equipped with based upon the tasks you want. For instance, your drone needs an infrarot camera for crop health monitoring. If the soil condition is to be estimated, appropriate sensors etc are necessary. In short, the capabilities of your drone will depend on the tasks.

3. Choose drone program sort

Data collected by your drone must be processed with drone software from agriculture. Depending on your drone form, you most likely need navigation and flight management software, mapping, software for data and image processing. For certain instances, ready-made, non-boxed software does not work and custom solutions will be needed.

4. Legislative analysis

Better still, hire a lawyer to deal with all legal matters related to business drone use. They vary according to your country or country of residence. Choose your drone if you need to know which types of drones in your area you can legally use. Even, review the safety instructions of your drone carefully, because in the event of incidents you are held responsible.

The best image processing approach and how the drone data interact with others – such as moisture, temperature, field topography, etc. – would also have to be determined.

Drone technology from agriculture has the potential to transform modern agriculture in various ways. However, farmers have a meticulous planning phase to take advantage of it – from calculating their business targets to determining the right hardware stack and drone software features.

All in all, the development of agricultural drone technology is a complex task that requires partnership with a reliable provider of software and hardware from third parties.

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